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Shining Star Awards amd Recognition Luncheon is delayed

Shining Stars Awards &
Recognition Luncheon

11:30AM - 1:30PM

Thursday, March 28, 2024

P.O. Box 50815
Sarasota, FL 34232
Tel: 941-928-4435

Sarasota Coalition on Substance Abuse

Playing a vital role in reducing substance abuse and its destructive impact in Sarasota County since  1999


While SCoSA engages in information dissemination, education, problem identification and referral, these activities support the fundamental purpose of a coalition:

Community Process:  To organize citizens and leaders for planning and promoting institutional and collaborative improvements in effectiveness of service delivery.

Environmental Strategies:  To Change written or unwritten community standards, norms, and codes.

Community partners need these activities to produce the changes of attitude and behavior that will yield protection against substance abuse and its destructive impact.  The combined efforts will reduce the rising financial burden to county residents and the deterioration in the quality of life due to substance abuse.


We envision a community where everyone has the tools for living a healthy and effective life, free from substance abuse


Our Mission is to promote substance abuse free environments through increased community awareness and advocacy.

Position Statement

We are committed to help people reclaim their lives from substance abuse and improve their quality of life through community awareness and advocacy for substance abuse free environments.


1.  To be advocates, as a group and as individuals, of prevention and reduction of substance abuse in Sarasota County.

2.  To serve as a consulting and coordinating agency for all segments of Sarasota County interested in preventing and reducing substance abuse.

3.  To act as liaison among individuals and organizations to better utilize all community resources in solving the community's substance abuse problems.

4.  To make recommendations and/or resolutions on all aspects of substance abuse prevention and reduction to appropriate, individuals, and governing bodies.

5.  To encourage the meeting together of all individual and agency representatives interested in substance abuse prevention and reduction for the enhancing of experiences, the maintenance of interest, and the cultivation of understanding and support of each other.

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